Having separate file of the executable and updating it, while not needing to rebuild

Hello Rust community.
I am using Rust (crate actix web) for backend and a javascript framework for frontend.
I noticed there are no dist folder (frontend files) on the target, the executable has all the files inside.
So how could i separate them?.

My use case: I have a javascript (json) file that i will update often, so that i send it from backend to frontend (via GET request) to update the view on the frontend.
MAP: Update json -> rust takes it and -> sends it to frontend via GET -> view updated.

But this means that rust will have a separate file outside of the executable!.
Is possible to separate the exe?

Notes: I need to update the json file without rebuilding the project. So it will update the frontend via the map shown above.


  1. Is it possible to separate the frontend files from the exe and run them together?
  2. how could i solve my use case? Updating the file on backend.

Sorry if this is not explained well, i will update it if something is not clear!

Edit: I copied the executable to my desktop and it seems it has all the files inside it, so i want to separate them for updating only one file and not building everything from the beginning!

In a traditional C workflow, you'd do this with some linker tricks: Put the data to be changed in its own object file, and then just re-link the executable when the file changes. As Rust uses the LLVM backend and linker, there's probably some way to pull the same trick (but I don't know what it is).

From your post it's not clear if you want your server to remain a single self-contained executable.

If not, then solution is rather simple. Instead of having files compiled in into the server (via include_bytes! or some other clever macro crate) have them loaded from disk via std::fs::read or such. actix-files can serve files from an on-disk folder.
A slight complication will be in telling the executable where the files are on disk. You could assume current directory, or same directory as the executable (guessed from std::env::args().nth(0)) or perhaps configured via an env var or command-line argument.


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