Having binary output-only dependency

Is it possible to have a dependency in Cargo.toml, but only to force dependency to produce a loadable library, without making Rust compiler to link to that dependency?

So, I have a cdylib dependency, say, plugins and then a main binary, say, main. I want cargo to make sure plugins loadable library is always up-to-date when I run main binary. Basically, I want cargo run --package main to also implicitly do cargo build --package plugins).

However, I don't want Rust to do any linking to that "plugins" (which, I think, happens if I add it to the [dependencies] section).

It seems like having dependency crate-type is cdylib might do what I want, but it produces a warning:

The package plugin provides no linkable target. The compiler might raise an error while compiling main. Consider adding 'dylib' or 'rlib' to key crate-type in plugin's Cargo.toml. This warning might turn into a hard error in the future.

which I want to avoid. dylib type would make Rust to link to that dependency, which I don't want.

Cargo doesn't have a concept of non-linked dependency, so it can't be done directly AFAIK.

The two crates could be part of a single workspace, and then cargo build --all would build both. Maybe default-run would help to make cargo run work from the workspace, or maybe you could make an alias in .cargo/config.

They are part of the same workspace, but building everything would be a bit too extreme (as we have many-many other binaries which we don't really want to build every time).

What do you mean by an alias in .cargo/config?

P.S. I guess we can use detect "stale" loadable libraries during start of our binary and maybe spawn cargo build for them. Gnarly, but could work. It's all about developer UX, I want cargo run --package main to continue working and switch to loading some of the modules as plugins...

Shouldn't they be cached after the first build? Assuming nothing in the other binaries changed, of course.

True, but things change all the time. One small change in dependencies / Cargo.lock, and here we go again, rebuilding the world. Which in our case is pretty big.

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