Have anyone tried to debug Rust codes on Android?

I wrote an app and use Rust as native codes, I built the rust code into .so, and it works fine.

What blocks me is that I cannot remotely debug my codes, IIRC, there should no defferece debugging a so, no matter it is built from C++ or from Rust, but it just not work.

I got some questions here:

  1. Where is the symbol files in target folder, I set the folder lldb used as target/aarch64-linux-android/debug, but there's only a *.d, which looks not like a symbol file.

  2. Android use LLDB for native code debugging, but I heard that in Rust, rust-gdb is used for debugging. What's the differences? Does it matter in my case?

  3. How do you guys debug rust codes for Android?

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