Hashmap to disk

I new to rust and databases I would like to implement a simple linkedhashmap and save to disk. My question is how can I read just the key/s required. For example if I have a 100gb file just read and write to the locations needed. Thank you

You could use seek on a File to jump to relevant place in the file. Alternatively, you could try memory-mapped files.

Unless you want to do this for the sake of exercise (which is a perfectly fine thing to do), i.e. you need to store and look up key-value pairs persistently for some other actual reason, you should probably be using a database for this purpose, e.g. SQLite.

My goal is to build a columnar file storage system, and use the key has a primary key for Delta's. Similar to parquet, but mutable and expand the capabilities with bloom filters and custom hashes.

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