Hashing a struct that is all ref

  1. I have the following:
pub struct Object<'a> {
  FooWrapper(&'a Foo),
  BarWrapper(&'a Bar),
  CatWrapper(&'a Cat)
  1. If I try to #[derive(Hash)], it wants me to implement Hash on Foo/Bar/Cat.

  2. However, if & are just pointers, I want to be able to hash just based on pointer address. Is there a way ot make this happen?

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this is not possible due to the blanket impl

impl<T> Hash for &T 
where : Hash + ?Sized

and changing this would lead to unexpected behavior.

At best you would have to wait until specialization comes to do this.

btw, did you mean enum instead of struct?

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If it were made how you mentioned it, it would probably be fine, as though it would probably use a pointer in that case, and hash that because there’s no guarantee that T implements Hash, but unfortunately it’s implemented as such:

impl<T: ?Sized + Hash> Hash for &T {
    fn hash<H: Hasher>(&self, state: &mut H) {

And so, it’s impossible to implement Hash on &T again with another bound

Edit: it’s shown here that what @zeroexcuses wants is possible, it just requires an explicit cast, therefore disallowing it from being blanket-implemented for references so as to treat them as pointers… Which brings up an idea, could perhaps a Deref<T> solution work?

  1. Yes, I meant enum, not struct.

  2. I also mispphrased my question – I wanted to ask : how can I write a customer hasher (not modify the behaviour of deerive(Hash)

and it turns out the solution to this is:

impl<'a> Hash for .... {
  fn hash<H: Hasher>(&self, state: &mut H) {
  state.write( .... as *const char); // grab ptr vaue of ref

Yeah, that solution would work but would have to be implemented manually for foo cat and bar, which is what was presumed from your original question…