Happy Birthday and an announcement: Rustfest

Hi everyone,

Happy :birthday: to Rust! We are also happy to announce the European Rust conference, RustFest, to happen on September 17th (and 18th, see the blog post for details), in Berlin.

Read the details here:

Please register you interest!

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rustfest

The Rustfest team


This is awesome news!

Is there any info yet about pricing? Will it be free to attend? If not, what kind of prices should we expect?


as we are not committed to a venue yet, I cannot give definitive pricing information.

As it is completely self-funded and we have no larger sponsors yet, the tickets must definitely be cost-covering. Also, sponsors rarely agree on a per-person price, which makes selling subsidised tickets hard.

The previous events were between 100-200 Euros. My dream price is below that. We also intend to provide rebates to those that need them and try to not waste money.

We intend to be transparent about where your money goes when we announce it.


My birthday and the rustfest fall on the same date, nice coincidence :tada: