Hakell -> Rust Job opportunities?


If this isn't an allowed subject please remove, I'm thinking that this journey I'm taking is probably one that other Haskellers are contemplating/doing so would help them too!

I've been a Haskell/Purescript developer for the past 6-7 years in production, the job market in those languages has just become too thin unless you are into crypto/blockchain. I find myself with uncomfortable gaps between contracts/roles as I search for something new using those languages and with addition to the family :baby: priorities must change with those strict requirements.

So I've been making the move towards Rust as from my experimentation it seems really nice (not quite as pleasing to the eye but meh can definitely get over that!! what a nit picker!!) and the job market is far more fruitful.

My questions being though I'm senior in Haskell/Purescript am I likely to be taken on at that level due to no Rust production experience? Then secondly what are recommended places/sites to look for Rust roles?

Thanking you in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

Really? I don't know the Haskell market, but Rust is still up and coming and job opportunities are therefore scarce (beyond crypto) IMO.[1] At least compared to the ton of Java/JS/Python/C# jobs out there. I had to become a freelancer in 2020, because I wanted to work with Rust and couldn't find a position that felt right for me :sweat_smile:.

Definetly! Most job descriptions for (junior/mid-level) rust devs I've read say they pay based on experience level and allow people coming from different languages. This is again due to the fact that Rust is such a young language. Not as many professionals with long-time experience out there to compete against.

I periodically scan https://rustjobs.dev/ for open roles. But I'd also try searching on the usual sites you'd use to search for any tech job, like linkedin and such, as I believe there are much more Rust jobs out there than just the ones posted on rustjobs.dev.

  1. has drastically improved though ↩ī¸Ž

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What ever happened to the days when good software engineers were hired no matter what language experience they had? The actual programming language was considered a relatively trivial implementation detail that one would pick up soon enough. I recall at the end of one interview, after we had our heads in the project design for an hour with the project manager, I said outright that I didn't think I can help them as I did not know the language they used, or the OS underneath, they hired me anyway. It went very well for a years contract work.


Bring those day's back!!! you should see the Haskell tasks most I've had to take!! Can you quickly create a lens from scratch?!?! I mean ok then!!

Ah from my initial search there seemed to me a bunch more than Haskell landscape. Admittedly there would be more but I'm unable to relocate so it's usually restricted to having the role be remote.

That's interesting as in the Haskell landscape it's 99% senior roles and usually what they want is genius level. https://rustjobs.dev/ is the site I'd had a look at yesterday but maybe I'm being optimistic with Rust being more widely used in production that Haskell?!?

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My solution was to become my own boss so that I can tell myself to use whatever language I like. My business partner does not complain about it. When they care about such things clients are happy to hear we are using a language that ensures greater correctness, reliability and security. Making money from our little company remains problematic though....


That's the ideal solution, just need to spin one up in a week and all is good :joy_cat:

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