Hackable forum software

I'm looking for easily hackable forum software.

  1. I know that the rust users forum runs on https://github.com/discourse/discourse , which is Ruby based

  2. I also know that https://github.com/rustcc/forustm exists, which is written in Rust, but not updated for 2 years. I also can't quite read https://rust.cc/ -- though it looks closer to news.yc than rust users forum

  3. My concern with discourse is that (1) I don't know Ruby and dynamic types now scare me. My concern with forustm is that it appears to not bee updated in past 2 years.

Anyone have recommendations for what forum software to hack on? (preferably in Rust; though if you can make a good argument for discourse, I'm happy to hear that too)

EDIT: There is also https://github.com/dessalines/lemmy but the AGPL3 scares me.

I've been working on https://github.com/notriddle/more-interesting/, but it's really kind of experimental and unstable right now.

Maybe https://flarum.org/ is of interest for you. It is a lightweight forum with the philosophy that they only give you a core of forum functionality an you have to "hack" the rest by creating plugins.

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