Grin Rust İmplementation

Hi, Grin is a RUST imlpementation of MimbleWimble tech. There are many development and progress here who get interested with an opensource project.

We are friendly community, feel free to join ツ

I love the tech, but other than the research on MW, there's no point working on this coin due to it's crippling monetary policy. This post made me check and discover that my prediction from Jan 2019 was exactly correct, and the price is already sub $0.1, exactly -99.97% from the all time high. Seems like the other Rust-MW :poop:coin (with premine instead of crippling monetary policy) is also not doing great.

I'm happy to see that the tech will keep getting researched in Litecoin (even though it's not a Rust codebase). IMO, anyone that wants to combine working on Rust & "crypto" should work on rust-bitcoin. It's pretty much the only digital asset that matters, Rust in technical Bitcoin community is gaining huge traction, and there's a lot of low hanging fruit to work on, learn, contribute code that will be used for years to come, make connections and name for yourself, and even get a great job.

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Infact Monetary policy is similar to Gold and even some Bitcoiners lean towards that .
I agree your opinion, at the moment Bitcoin RUST has the spotlights, but MW is getting more interest day by day with some unique features. Different trade-offs i mean.
Good to see someone love the tech MW here.

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Close to 5k :star: among Rust Repositories.

There are some bounty opportunities and also help needed for an opensource project; if you are a Rust developer, feel free to join Grin forum.

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