Graphs and recursive data structures

Hello people,

I am a computer engineering student (Bachelor). I have observed some computer languages the past 2 years, because I wanted to "learn/master" a language which is appropriate for private embedded stuff and scientific use like graphs.

So when it comes to embedded , low level or bare-metal stuffs the selection of usable (well known) languages is short:

c, c++, their derivatives.... and rust.

Since rust has so many cool programming paradigm, I have fallen in love in it. Rust safety part was a secondary choice...

So I thought that rust was the choice of a computer engineer.

When I want to learn a new language, I am usually trying to implement a (doubly) linked list, because it has so many fundamental computer science elements, like loops, memory management and references/pointers.

Since I want to implement own data structure like lists and graphs, maybe combining it with bare metal fields of application, I have invested a few hours in the implementation of lists...
I do not need to tell you that I have struggled with the burrow checker. After some few hours late I had given up and googled some tutorials like:

I've checked those and learned the theoretical aspects of the references and connected types, &, mut & ref, rc etc.
However in the very end, I have the feeling that rust is awesome and i the same time not appropriate for graphs theories application.

Yes I know: Graphs are not very safe data structures (because of possible cycles), furthermore rust was not developed for graphs science and yes I had wrong hopes.

I opened this thread in hoping for a well-educating discussion.