GraphQL server with subscribe

I would like to show our team how to use Rust to create a Type-Safe GraphQL server.

I see the package:

But I am unclear which web framework to integrate it with to provide web-socket subscriptions. (I am looking for things that are quick starts).

Hyper, Iron, Rocket, and Warp

Which is recommended, or is there a full stack (client server) example already out there?

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There was a talk at the Copenhagen rust group a few months ago about someone using Rust for GraphQL in production, but I don't think it was ever added to the agenda for that month, so I can't find it. You could write to the email listed on every entry and ask if they remember who and which company it was.

As for the four listed options, I would probably go for rocket or warp. Hyper is relatively low level and I haven't heard of anyone using Iron in a long time.

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