GPU type and driver version?

Any portable way to get GPU type and driver version? The sysinfo crate will return CPU and disk info, but not GPU info. On Windows you can get peripheral info only if running at administrator level.
I don't want to open a graphics context and interfere with other graphics stuff going on. I just want to get "NVidia 1060", driver version "nnn" for bug reporting purposes.

A good way of going about this is to ask a graphics library to enumerate adapters for you, similar to how this WGPU example does it (except it just yields the best adapter, not all of them. Use this for all of them).

As far as I know, this doesn't interfere with any other graphics, but I may be wrong -- I'll take a look in the docs. According to this, the Instance doesn't have to be kept alive, so creating another one shouldn't do anything to preexisting graphics.

Turns out Rend3 has an interface for this.

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Rend3 is built on WGPU. Pulling in a graphics library on top of WGPU seems like a poor decision unless you already have rend3 for some reason.

I'm using Rend3. I didn't realize it had a data structure with that info already decoded.

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