Google Sheets API with Rust

Does anyone know of a tutorial on using the Google Sheets or Docs API in Rust applications? I assume I could just access the REST commands with something like reqwest but not quite sure. What I have in mind, if it helps direct me to appropriate resources, is to have either a ToDo or exercise tracking app that requires a google sign-in and creates and updates a spreadsheet on the users google drive rather than hosting an app-centric database for all users. This would guarantee users always control their data without taking any extra steps. It also opens the door for users to edit the data in ways that could be problematic for the app, but I can figure out ways of handling these errors. This is strictly for learning purposes, so I’m aware no one actually needs Yet Another ToDo or Fitness Tracking App.


I’m also interested in using the google sheets API from Rust, I found a crate (also with CLI) but the docs didn’t build: