Good source code for me to learn from

Hi, guys!

Could somebody give directions to some good source code?
I want to learn by reading whatever is considered fine Rust.
My current level in Rust programming is total newbie, so I can't judge for myself.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

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Here you will be given different small programming problem to solve. When you solved a problem, you will have an opportunity to examine solution by other community members. This way you will be able to compare your approach of coding with others


Exercism? I am already in the Rust track, sayyedkamran. Thank you.
What I am after is something like an open source project with beautiful code.

Look at the Redox OS, they have some nice code:

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That is what I was looking for. Thanks, trembel.

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Very readable code, indeed. Thank you, cliff.

How read the code of REDOX. I mean I wonder from where to start

I am reading this, and it seems to be pretty well done:
It is the equivalent of the "grep" command for Redox OS.

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There is a book, describing its concepts.
Then, after the book, I started looking into the TFS (File system) and the seahash algorithm, since that are things I found really interesting.

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