Good books to get me started in Rust

Hi, how are you Rustaceans? I hope you're doing great in this marvelous day! (´。• ω •。`)

Soon it will be my birthday, and my dear mother is asking me what do I want. My primary question is: Is there a book similar to 'The C Programming Language' but in Rust version? I am aware that there is an online book, but I would like something more physical and something I can consult without having to be connected to the Internet.

As an additional question: What good books are there about Rust? I'm very interested in creating all kinds of projects with this language! (^▽^)

That would be all. In advance, thank you very much for your answers! Again, I hope everyone is well. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

A little search yields: or The Rust Programming Language |

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The book online is also physically published.

But, you can read it offline (along with all documentation) if you have the standard toolchain installed:

rustup doc

I'm not sure about the exact command, since I rarely do it, but I believe it's this one. edit: it is


You are aware that you can just clone the repository at GitHub - rust-lang/book: The Rust Programming Language and build the book for offline use? But sure it's not physical if you mean like a real book with real paper pages. :wink:

Another very good book can be found here
Seems like It is also available as paperback now. But it's more a walkthrough to build a app than a language reference book. But it covers a lot of very useful technics and "best practices".

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The .rustup directory on Windows user home also contains toolchains/your-toolchain/share/doc/rust/html

Oh, rustup doc as you said redirects to the same... I wasn't aware of this command.

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cargo doc --open is also a good one to remember as it generates and opens the documentation for your crate and all its dependencies at the versions you use.

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If you're looking for something other than The Book, the O'Reilly book is well-regarded and available in dead-tree form: Programming Rust, 2nd Edition [Book].