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I am new to rust and still learning. I was going through a video by NoBoilerplate about their Rust toolkit recommendations.

[Build your Rust lightsaber (my Rust toolkit recommendations) - YouTube](Video Here) and [](Transcript Here)

They mention configuring clippy to be as strict as possible, giving the following recommendation:

cargo clippy --fix -- \
-W clippy::pedantic \
-W clippy::nursery \
-W clippy::unwrap_used \
-W clippy::expect_used

I was wondering:

  1. If there is a way to set these setting globally so I don't have to do it per project
  2. Or is there a way to generate project skeletons where such defaults are set.

For some of my projects, I've just used github template repos on my account to use. Is that a good way to go?


One way to set up these options globally is to create a .cargo/config.toml file in your home directory. In that file you can define aliases for cargo commands that can be used in any project. For example:

nag = "clippy -- -W clippy::pedantic -W clippy::nursery -W clippy::unwrap_used -W clippy::expect_used"
fixnags = "clippy --fix -- -W clippy::pedantic -W clippy::nursery -W clippy::unwrap_used -W clippy::expect_used"

To use an alias, run cargo nag, for example.

If you also have a .cargo/config.toml file in a project directory, those settings will override global setting within that project. You could certainly create this file as part of a project skeleton.

I bet project templates are useful in some cases (e.g. wasm), but for learning Rust, I've found that I'm mostly just typing cargo new when I want to try something out.

Thank you. That is really helpful.

You should probably read what each of these lint do before enabling them blindly.


Those lints are disabled by default for good reasons for most people and most projects.

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