Glium: Why is quitting so slow?

I wrote some Rust + Glium code, following along with the examples. Closing the window takes well over a second, and I’m not sure why. Here’s the minimal repro code, which strips away any actual graphics calls:

extern crate glium;
extern crate image;

use glium::{glutin, Surface};
use glium::index::PrimitiveType;

fn main() {
    let mut events_loop = glutin::EventsLoop::new();
    let window = glutin::WindowBuilder::new();
    let context = glutin::ContextBuilder::new();
    let display = glium::Display::new(window, context, &events_loop).unwrap();

    let mut closed = false;

    while !closed {
        events_loop.poll_events(|event| {
            match event {
                glutin::Event::WindowEvent { event, .. } => match event {
                    glutin::WindowEvent::CloseRequested => {
                        closed = true;
                    _ => ()
                _ => (),

There’s a big delay between the “Close” print, and the window actually closing. Any ideas on how I can eliminate this slowdown? The slowdown prominently exists in release mode too.

What platform are you testing on? On my Linux laptop running X11 with the nvidia driver, there is no perceptible delay when closing the window.

I’m on Win10 with an AMD discrete GPU with proper drivers installed. Additionally, the example code on the glutin readme doesn’t seem to have any such delays.