Glium or vulkano?


I guess this question is mostly aimed at tomaka. After reading the glium post-mortem. I’m left wondering if I should prefer using vulkano on new projects over glium? I’m not concerned about backwards compatibility, but I do care about programmer productivity. It sounds like Vulkan is better supported but OpenGL has many more resources and examples available.



It’s OpenGL that is more supported than Vulkan.
Vulkan only works with recent hardware (2012+ on desktop, and 2015/2016 for mobile devices). And even when the hardware is capable of supporting Vulkan, drivers may not be present (like on Linux or on mobile).


Sorry, I was ambiguous. I know OpenGL has more ubiquitous support, but it sounded like Vulkan has higher quality support (as in fewer driver bugs) when it’s available.


Well, I don’t know what to tell you. For me Vulkan and vulkano are clearly the future, but the only question is at which point does it becomes accepted that games don’t run on old hardware anymore.

It’s a bit similar to the situation with Internet Explore 6 a few years ago. Nobody wanted to make websites compatible with IE6 anymore, but at the same time users continued to use IE6.

I’m personally developing a game with Vulkan because the nature of the game (a simulation with tons of data being updated at each frame) means that people will probably understand that it runs only on Vulkan. And it’s not a lie, since my early versions were using OpenGL and I decided to switch after encountering bugs and poor performances.
But if you want to write a clone of pong, people are going to wonder whey they need to buy a new video card for that.


Also, vulkano makes you far less productive than glium for now.
I don’t know if it will remain true in the end, but for now I didn’t figure out nice ways to let users do things quickly.