Giving struct field as parameter to library function?

In my project I use sdl2 binding. I have a System struct that has a vector of Windows.
In paint() method of System struct I have code like this:

pub fn paint(renderer: &mut Renderer) {
        unsafe {
            let system = &mut *system_ptr; // The system is like singletone
            let mut new_windows: Vec<Win> = Vec::new();
            while > 0 {
                let mut win: Win = as usize);
                if win.need_paint() {
                    win = win.paint(renderer);

The structure was born of a struggle with borrow checker, as sdl2 bindings need whole data as params, not refs.
My windows are like this:

pub struct Win {
    id: u32,
    app_id: u32,
    title: String,
    win_table: String,
    top: i32,
    left: i32,
    width: u32,
    height: u32,
    msg_queue: Queue<Msg>,
    texture: Option<Texture>,

And the paint:

    pub fn paint(mut self, renderer: &mut Renderer) -> Win {
        // Creating own texture buffer if needed
        match self.texture {
            Some(..) => {},
            None => {
                match renderer.create_texture_target(PixelFormatEnum::RGBA8888, (self.width, self.height)) {
                    Ok(texture) => { self.texture = Some(texture); },
                    Err(msg) => panic!(msg),
        // Set target to the texture
            let mut target = renderer.render_target().unwrap();
        // Draw our window
        renderer.set_draw_color(sdl2::pixels::Color::RGB(0xd4, 0xd0, 0xc8));
        let rect = Rect::new(0, 0, self.width, self.height).unwrap().unwrap();
        // Return renderer target to the screen
            let mut target = renderer.render_target().unwrap();
            match target.reset() {
                Ok(texture) => { self.texture = texture; },
                Err(msg) => { self.texture = None; },
        let dst_rect = Rect::new_unwrap(self.left,, self.width, self.height);
        renderer.copy(&self.get_texture().unwrap(), None, Some(dst_rect));

But I have an error like this:

Compiling Test v0.0.1 (file:///D:/PROJECTS/Rust/Test)
src\syslib\ 97:13 error: use of moved value: self [E0382]
src\syslib\ self
src\syslib\ 97:13 help: run rustc --explain E0382 to see a detailed explanation
src\syslib\ 95:28 note: self moved here because it has type syslib::win::Win, which is non-copyable
src\syslib\ renderer.copy(&self.get_texture().unwrap(), None, Some(dst_rect));

As I see, I must give the self.texture to render.copy(), but it doesn't want a ref, it wants my texture.
How can I circumvent this?

Without the get_texture function we can only guess. But most likely you could write self.texture.by_ref().unwrap() to obtain an Option<&Texture> which points to the self.texture object. The documentation on by_ref is very helpful to understand why it's necessary sometimes.

The problem is that Texture in rust-sdl2 doesn't have that method:

error: no method named by_ref found for type sdl2::render::Texture in the current scope

your texture struct member is an Option<Texture> and the by_ref function exists on Option<T>

error: no method named by_ref found for type core::option::Option<sdl2::render::Texture> in the current scope

The code is like this:

pub fn get_texture(self) -> Option<Texture> {

May be I'm missing something? Should I use something?

The correct method in question is as_ref.

whoops... I confused it with the Iterator function...

Thanks! I think it will compile in that place.
Now it's complaining about vector.append()...