GitHub Action for Cargo

(hi! first-timer here.)

So... There is this GitHub Actions thing. I've just got my invite and was wondering whether someone is already writing an Action for cargo.


OK. I've started my own: Feel free to use it.

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That is really cool. :slight_smile:

I've made a couple of actions for clippy, rustfmt and cargo-fix already (I was meaning to share it, but I kept forgetting)

They provide validation as linters, and might provide fixes driven by Pull Request reviews or automatically modify PRs on push.

They are here:

I was thinking of building other actions, bit at this moment, I think that Travis CI still offers better coverage for testing and building. It has Linux, Windows and Mac runners available, and combining it with crossgen makes bootstrapping it easier.

So I'm using a combo of Travis for tests, builds and release, and GitHub Actions for pairing with bots to keep the code well formated.

autoformatting for PRs via rustfmt: :yum: