Getting SocketCAN to output data

Hey - I am extremely new to Rust (even the so-called noobs look like geniuses to me...) and want to set myself a challenge of getting SocketCAN to output some CAN goodness onto my screen.

I've read through the Rust book and done the worked examples, but I've hit a brick wall when trying to interface with SocketCAN.

Having a look at the (limited) documentation socketcan - Rust, I think I'm after something along the lines of socketcan::dump::Reader ? (I don't actually know if that's right - feel free to put me on the right path) I'm also pretty lost when it comes to implementing it in VS Code and what 'uses' I need to include up the top... let alone what I need to write to get it to output something a vcan0 and/or physical CAN connection.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!! :smiley: