Getting location information from a `thiserror::Error`?

With help from this post I am able to track which ? in a function caused the function to return an error. This is wonderful!

thiserror helps reduce all the boilerplate in producing errors, but the only way I know how to have this feature with a thiserror::Error is to manually impl From. Unless someone else knows a way where the library already provides this functionality for me?

Here is an example

 #[derive(Debug, thiserror::Error)]
pub enum BoardsExportError {
    Io(#[from] std::io::Error), // doesn't have loc info
    Other(#[from] DynError), // doesn't have loc info

/// manual impl to provide loc info
impl From<xlsxwriter::XlsxError> for BoardsExportError {
    fn from(e: xlsxwriter::XlsxError) -> Self {
        let loc = std::panic::Location::caller();
            "{e}, {}:{}:{}",

Thanks in advance!

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With thiserror, if you add a backtrace: Backtrace field it'll automatically capture the call stack from where the error was created.


All the methods on Backtrace are nightly only, says the docs. And maybe the struct itself is also nightly only? Do I have this feature on stable Rust?

I guess I could access the location info maybe something like this?

pub enum RandomError {
    #[error("{source} at {}")]
    A {
        source: ErrorA,
        backtrace: Backtrace,
    B { ... } 

I don't want to debug print the entire Backtrace

Does it need to be a std::backtrace::Backtrace, or could you use a backtrace::Backtrace?

The #[error("...")] thing uses the same syntax as format!(), so you would need to use somethnig like #[error("{source} at {}", get_function_name(backtrace))].

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Oh yes, of course, I can just use that crate! Thanks so much.

Well, backtrace is now stable :slight_smile:

std::backtrace isn't enough, unfortunately. Backtrace support in thiserror also uses other nightly features which cause compiler errors if you try to add a Backtrace to your error: Rust Playground

I can confirm that it also causes errors even if you want to use the 3rd-party backtrace::Backtrace as well.

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I tried reporting this as an issue, but apparently I am banned from @dtolnay's repositories: :grimacing:

Ah, I made an issue about it when I hit it myself: derive(Error) with Backtrace causes errors on beta · Issue #204 · dtolnay/thiserror · GitHub
Though it looks like that's just the expected behaviour.

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