Getting info about yanked crates

Today I found this crate:

However, it is yanked. I understand this means that I can't use it, but I'd still like to know more about it.
For example, the author, homepage URL, the repository URL, etc. But none of this data is shown on the webpage.

Where can I get this info?


It's up to the crate author to add that metadata. If they didn't add it, there's no way to tell.

The point is that even if the author did add that metadata, you can't see it because so lovingly hides everything when a crate is yanked.

There's an outstanding bug on the issue tracker about the UI not displaying the newest non-yanked version after a yank:

Thanks, that's good to know, and I'm now subscribed to that bug.

But what if there was only ever 1 version, and that version got yanked? In that case, I still want to be able to see all available metadata about the crate (even if it's yanked)

Ah ha! I didn't know that it hid the information, sorry for the noise. I
guess that's a :+1: for showing it.

You may want to try cargo info (get it with cargo install cargo-info). It will reveal some extra details.

$ cargo info gitlab

Crate:          gitlab
Version:        0.1.0
Description:    GitLab API in Rust
Downloads:      302
Last updated:   7 months ago
Version history:


  0.1.0      7 months ago    302                (yanked)

Now full disclosure - I happen to be the author of both cargo-info and gitlab crates.
I have started gitlab half a year ago as an experiment, but never progressed too much towards having anything usable. Feel free to either contribute or fork.

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What a wonderful bit of serendipity! Ok, cargo info looks quite useful here, thanks.

It also sounds like this question should be converted into a feature request on the repository.