Getting coverage info for Rust code called from C

Librsvg uses RUSTFLAGS=-Zinstrument-coverage and grcov, and it works pretty well for a plain cargo test, which tests the library and its only binary rsvg-convert.

However, for the C API tests there is a small api.c test program, which links to librsvg and then gets run. I don't seem to be getting code coverage information for the Rust code that implements the C API. For that test program, main() comes from the C code, and it calls a bunch of Rust code from

Does anyone know how to do this - get coverage for a Rust library called from a main C program?

This is librsvg's CI script for coverage, by the way. You can see that src/c_api/*.rs has basically no coverage information, even though pretty much all of that code gets called. (The coverage that is there for that directory comes from Rust tests.)

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