Get string from JSXAttrValue (enum)

I am creating a swc plugin using rust.

I am getting JSXAttrValue enum.

fn visit_mut_jsx_attr_value(&mut self, n: &mut JSXAttrValue){

JSXAttrValue in swc_core::ecma::utils::swc_ecma_ast - Rust - see this please

How to get string from JSXAttrValue?

let value = ?????;

I need the ability to compare "value" with a string, or write to a file.

Please help me to do this

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I added a link to this question on stackoverflow.
You can help me? It doesn't seem difficult for those who understand rust. I'm new and I've been in pain for days

I wish I could help you more, but I have no experience with SWC whatsoever and their documentation is not very beginner friendly IMO. I assume you still want to parse the attribute value from an attribute like this: <div background="red"></div>, right? (Based on this question you asked about swc before). From how I understand JSXAttrValue's variants, it seems to me like "red" would be encoded in the ast in a JSXAttrValue::Lit variant. I think you could extract it with a match statement resembling something like:

fn visit_mut_jsx_attr_value(&mut self, n: &mut JSXAttrValue){
    match n {
        JSXAttrValue::Lit(Lit::Str(Str { value, ... })) => {
            if value == Atom::from("red") {
                println!("yehy, we found red!");
        _ => println!("attribute is not a string literal"),

Note that this is purely guesswork from staring at the (not too well documented) API docs. I hope dbg!(n) will print the variant you have to match and you can take it from there...