Get more detailed download stats from (the "Other" version)?

I'm trying to figure out how good the adoption is for a new patch release for an old minor release branch for a couple of crates. But they all get lumped together as the "Other" version in the graph at the bottom.

Take miow as an example. miow 0.2.2 was just released. But there are so many 0.3.x versions out that all 0.2.x versions just show up as the single "Other" version. How can I figure out if the new 0.2.2 version has good or bad adoption?

The page for an individual release has download statistics for it:


Aah. Thanks! That was both very simple and quite non-obvious :slight_smile: Or I just suck at looking around :sweat_smile:

Discoverability improvement suggestion: Mention that around the graph on the main crate page.

I can also probably dig around the source code for to figure out where it fetches from and create my own graph to see how version 0.x.y does compared to 0.x.*.

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