Get latest updated folder in a dir

Basically I have a folder /Versions with multiple folders inside. I need to get the latest updated folder by the OS and go to that one in my path. How would I do that?

First, you'd use std::fs::read_dir() to read the contents of the directory. The function returns an iterator of DirEntry objects. On each entry, you can call DirEntry::metadata() to get the metadata. Then, you can use Metadata::is_dir() to confirm that the entry is a directory (and skip it otherwise), and Metadata::modified() to get the modified time. Finally, once you have the (entry, modified) pairs, you can use Iterator::max_by_key() to find the entry with the latest modified time.

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The std::fs::metadata() function will give you metadata about a particular item on the file system. From there, you can use Metadata::modified() to get the last modified time.

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Would you be able give some code example I am still not understanding the logic for it. I'm normally working with JavaScript projects so this is a whole new experience to me :sweat_smile:

If you click on the links @LegionMammal978 has given, you'd find examples for each one of them.


The algorithm is pretty much language-independent. You'd have to ask for a list of files/subdirectories and check their last modified date in JavaScript, too. The task isn't harder or more complicated (or at all different, pretty much) in Rust, either.

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