Get element from web_sys EventTarget

I am using Yew, but that shouldn't really matter here

I need to measure the size/location of an HTML element and I can't figure out how to upcast an EventTarget into an HtmlElement. I have tried both into and try_into:

move |e: web_sys::MouseEvent| {
    let elem: web_sys::HtmlElement =;
    Msg::SetTab(pos, (0, 0))

I have tried treating it like an HtmlElement:

move |e: web_sys::MouseEvent| {
    let width =;
    Msg::SetTab(pos, (0, 0))

How do I go about getting the HtmlElement, and more importantly, how would I have figured that out from the docs (I have poured over EventTarget, Node and HtmlElement)?

Hey, I was having trouble as well and the docs did not seem clear. Here's what I had to do.

let form =<HtmlFormElement>().unwrap().clone();

This also didn't work (the dyn_ref part) until I had to bring
use wasm_bindgen::{JsCast};
into scope
and you might also need to enable all the features (if you haven't already)

web-sys = { version = "0.3.44", features = ["Event", "EventTarget", "HtmlFormElement"] }

based off something I saw here

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