Get client IP in hyper server v1.0?

see: how to get client IP address in 1.0? · Issue #3310 · hyperium/hyper · GitHub

Basically there was make_service_fn() in hyper 0.14 where you could get a peek at the client's socket before passing control flow on to your actual handler. But that seems to no longer be available in v1.0. Anyone have a solution for that? Almost done with the implementation I'm working on and hyper 1.0 RC works great for us, so really wouldn't want to have to migrate back down to 0.14 just to get the required request logging done.

Thanks all!
- Denis

I'm guessing that it'd just be a matter of inserting an Extension wherever the server accepts the client connection, but can't find where that code is even located in hyper. :slight_smile:

I'm a silly goose! It's none of hyper's concern any more, of course, as you handle the connection yourself. I may be tired or something :smiley:

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