German-language Rust forum/site on [No, on]

Hehe, yes, I have already underestimated the time it’d take me to get the initial setup sorted but then it’s been a good learning experience and I’d see much of what comes after that in the same spirit. Thank you very much for the offer of help, I’ll be in touch.

Foreign-language Rust forums are a good idea.

I don’t know the answer to this off hand, but obviously this is something the Rust project should have an opinion on. The core team will probably want to discuss internally.

Right now management of official Rust domains is a mess. Semi-random people own everything. We probably shouldn’t do any transfers without doing some thinking about how we manage domains.

I suspect that right now, taking on any sort of responsibility for managing more forums isn’t something the project itself wants to do, and using the rust-lang.* domain does imply a certain amount of officiality.


There was a similar discussion here when I posted a German-language (method names) String class here.

Let me re-iterate my ideas on this:

A) Most people are hard pressed to properly express themselves in their native language. Even more so in a foreign one. I work as a contractor for a major German corporation and most folks have very superficial English skills. Let’s call it Denglish.

B) HP Germany once had one of the software engineering gurus (DeMarco or somebody like this) reviewing their processes. He was curious why Germans would write English papers mostly read by Germans. He probably also observed what I did. So he recommended using German in Germany.

C) If you want to do anything truly innovative, you must be able to write down your ideas and analysis as correctly as possible. Can you do that in a foreign language ?

So, yes please go ahead with the German language Swift forum !

I see you do not yet have PHPBB or something like that set up. I do think this would be most useful. Or can/has someone build a Rust-programmed discussion forum ?

I agree, it didn’t feel quite right once I started to set it all up. I’ll move it over to a different domain name.

Thanks, Brian.

The German-language Rust forum is now accessible via Github login is set up, everything else, i.e. other logins and most importantly https access to follow soon.


Rustplatz? Guter Name :wink:


Rustplatz is indeed a nice name :slight_smile:

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I’m from the orga team of the Cologne/Bonn user group. We had the similar thoughts and discussions on our first meeting, too. I like the name “rustplatz” a lot :slight_smile: That’s great! Harris (also member of our user group) registered the domains and set up an examplary german user forum for his presentation (see last slide here).

Some thoughts in german:
Vielleicht wollen wir uns diesbezüglich mal zusammensetzen/austauschen?


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Thanks for all the kind words, @wahn, @hiberno, @Liamsi. I cannot actually take credit for this, a friend of mine came up with it when I mentioned it to him. He had a lot of other lovely ideas, too, such as (t)rustcenter, inrustwetrust, rustafari.

I hadn’t found any other German Rust forums, thanks for letting me know. And yes, I’d be delighted to cooperate, text me privately for contact details.

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Gerne. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt auch etwas frustriert, dass die Berliner UG (die ja regelmässig ~80 Anwesende hat) zwar versucht, Kontakte nach aussen aufzubauen, aber extrem selten was zurückkommt.

Wäre jemand auf dem CCCamp und hätte vielleicht Lust, mal im Zelt vorbei zu schauen?


I can only say that I’m not feeling that well writing everything in English, knowing about how bad my expressions (here: german-ish) are.
The argument to learn English better through this is only valid in some cases, in others you’re simply struggling to express your question / understand the reply, that’s my experience.

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Ich würde gerne dran teilnehmen, gerade weil mir sicher so mancher noch einiges zeigen könnte bezüglich Rust, problem ist einfach, dass ich in Gießen sitze…
Ging mir bei der Rust 1.0 Feier schon so…

Oh, ich hab die Berliner (und explizit Johann) vor längerer Zeit auch mal angeschrieben (und nach einiger Zeit eine sehr nette, ausführliche Antwort bekommen). Wir waren in Köln zu acht…

Ich kann leider, leider nicht. Bist du/ihr auch auf dem Kongress anzutreffen?

Oh, danke, dann hab ich eventuell nur einfach was verpasst. Danke, das klärt einiges! :smile:

Wahrscheinlich. Ruby Berlin wird da sein, insofern wir wahrscheinlich auch.

@thomanski I’ve discussed this matter with a few people, and two points came up.

  1. Indeed, we prefer if people don’t use rust-lang.* domains for unofficial purposes.
  2. You might consider adopting the Rust Code of Conduct as some unifying glue across communities.
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@brson, I appreciate the feedback. For the moment I still have (users.) pointing to the forum and the link list but was planning to rectify this soon. As for adopting the Rust Code of Conduct, I most gladly will. I guess I might have to translate it first though.

The English word for Denglish is Ginglish if I remember right.

Great name!


+1 for that.

It might be a little bit late to comment, but I an German and had a hard time learning English. Still I think, that English skills are a must have for every professional programmer. Nevertheless I also think that a German forum is a good idea, mainly for two reasons:

  1. Except professional programmers they are beginners and hobbyists too.
  2. There are also older professional programmers witch never learned English and from witch you cannot except to do so.
  3. It can serve as a connection point for the many regional rust communities.

BTW. I like the name :wink:


Oh, wow, I’ve just spotted that This Week in Rust 91 mentions Thanks to whoever added it on!

Also, I’ve got https set up now and have recently posted a little quicksort exercise that I found helpful in getting started with Rust (also posted in English here in response to reddit thread “Small Projects to learn Rust”).

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