Generic operator overloading

Hi, I have a wrapper around Rust's fixed-size array,

pub struct Array<T, const N: usize>(pub [T; N]);

and I want to support some arithmetic operations like Mul, Add, etc..

By implementing

// 1
impl<T,  const N: usize> Mul for Array<T, N>

I achieved component wise multiplication between two Arrays. Then I implemented

// 2
impl<T, const N: usize> Mul<T> for Array<T, N>

to support multiplication between Array and its elements (it can be a scalar types or nested Array).

So far so good, but when I was trying to implement multiplication between Array and a Scalar like this

// 3
impl<T, U, const N: usize> Mul<U> for Array<T, N>

the compiler complains conflicting implementations between 2 and 3. If I'm not mistaken, it's because that implementation 2 and 3 overlaps when the Array is not nested (Array<f32, 4>). I tried to add a Num bound to U, but it's not working. So, what was wrong here?

Here is the full code: Rust Playground.

Mul<i32> for Array<i32, 5> is implemented by both #2 and #3.

In the complete code, I tried to constrain T to not be scalar types (trait NdArray is only implemented by Array):

implT: Copy + NdArray, U: Num, const N: size > MulU> for ArrayT, N>

It still gives me the same error.

It's a limitation of the type system. It's trying to be robust to the possibility that you may add impl NdArray for i32 or impl Num for Array.

Do you need #2 at all? #3 seems to cover the case of #2.

I thought #2 would handle the case like Array<Array<T, 3>, 3> * Array<T, 3>. It supports scalar multiplication when the array is not nested like Array<i32, 128> * i32. For Array<Array<i32, 3>, 3> * i32, this would be not implemented.

If I remove all the bounds in #3, like this

impl<T, U, const N: usize> Mul<U> for Array<T, N>

then, it will conflict with #1, cause U can also be an Array.

As a high level design, I think you're trying to do too many things with the same operator. In particular, since it supports both point-wise multiplication and all-vs-one multiplication, it's not clear what Array<Array<T, 3>, 3> * Array<T, 3> is supposed to mean: it could either mean multiply each element of the first one by each element of the second one, or multiply each element of the first one by the whole second array.


Actually, I want to implement broadcasting when two arrays have different shapes.

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