Generic associated types (GATs) are stable now?

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This is news to me. Where can I read about it? I didn't see anything on the blog or in the inside Rust blog. Is it this commit from 17 days ago?

Does this mean it will be included in Rust 1.64? *excited* :smiley:

(Further reading on GATs for those who haven't used them yet can be found in RFC 1598.)


If it’s a commit from 17 days ago, it would go into 1.65, I suppose.

Edit: Merged only 4 days ago AFAICT, by the way.

Edit2: FYI, release date of 1.65 will be November 03 2022. So that’s when it will actually be stable.

You can also see the ”1.65β€œ milestone on the merged PR.


For higher announce frequency content than the blog see; (next week)


The places to see when team decisions are coming up are

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