Generate verbose output for Criterion

I'm trying to use the Criterion crate for benchmarking some functions in my project. How do I get the verbose output, as shown in this example -> Getting Started - Documentation

This is what I get when I run cargo bench as well as cargo bench --verbose

Benchmarking euler1_simple: Warming up for 3.0000 s
Warning: Unable to complete 100 samples in 5.0s. You may wish to increase target time to 5.8s, enable flat sampling, or reduce sample count to 60.
euler1_simple           time:   [1.1445 ms 1.1453 ms 1.1463 ms]                           
                        change: [-0.0392% +0.1648% +0.3756%] (p = 0.11 > 0.05)
                        No change in performance detected.
Found 8 outliers among 100 measurements (8.00%)
  4 (4.00%) high mild
  4 (4.00%) high severe

It's missing the slope, mean, and info as seen in the Criterion documentation Getting Started section.

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