Game client: predictive physics synched to redraw?

Followup to Winit::event_loop tick per second - #8 by zeroexcuses (but different topic)

  1. Suppose you have a client-server 3d game.

  2. Suppose server simulations ticks are 10hz, i.e. once every 100ms.

  3. The client 3d redraw request animation frame might be 30fps, 60fps, 24fps, or something else.

  4. What rate does the client handle 'predictive physics' at ? 10hz (to match server ticks) or match the redraw/refresh rate of the browser ?

Physics at different frame rates can give wildly different results, so the usual solution for rendering at higher frame rates is to interpolate the positions of rendered objects between the last two "physics frames" (results of the simulation).


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