Fuzzing Using Honggfuzz-rs

I am newbie to fuzz a project developed by Rust Language. I want to know how to fuzz my project using Honggfuzz-rs. If step by step guide given to me , it will be highly appreciable.

honggfuzz-rs has some basic examples in the README AFAIK. I don’t know of a step-by-step guide, I think rust-fuzz has one for cargo-fuzz. I use honggfuzz-rs a lot myself here. There are some commands on getting started, maybe you can use that as a reference point.

Here’s the rust-fuzz book: https://rust-fuzz.github.io/book/

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thanks for your prompt reply… I will try it

Actually I am supposed to fuzz a big project written in Rust (more than 50K LOC !). Unfortunately, all the available tutorials are fuzzing a Library/crate. So, is there any example (detailed !) that someone is fuzzing his/her project developed in rust with honggfuzz?