Function definition with generic struct

how to create a function that accepts multiple types of structs.

i have and
function in can be called by multiple places so I can't hardcode struct in

i want to pass struct while calling like

mod mod1;

strcut Person {
name: String,

fn main(){
let person_1 = Person{name: String::from("manny"};
mod1::run(p: person_1);

what should be fn run() definition in so that type is not hardcoded and accepts multips type structs.

Look into traits. You can define a trait and then impl it on all the types you want the function to handle. You can then update your function to accept any type which implements the defined trait instead of a specific type.

Read more about traits and using them here (has examples too).


yes i can use trait. One thing i don't understand is, the struct im talking about is just stores output from sql query and returns. I don't have need of any method to implement on this struct type.
still i can use trait. or any other way.

Rust doesn't knows how and why you are using fields. If the run function will only work with Strings you may prefer using Into<String> as parameter type and implement From<Person> for String. If this is not the case you have to define a new trait and implement the logic for every struct you will use with run.


Well, just what are you trying to do? Why do you think you need your function to accept multiple types?

The whole point of traits is that they specify what you can do with a generic type. What common capabilities does your function need in order to work? If there are none, e.g. it just moves stuff around in memory, you probably don't need any trait bounds. But that's rare.

It's also possible that you always want a specific type, in which case I don't understand the question.

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thanks for your time.

the way i want to design is, my uses sql client, so i separated as a module i.e
now you all helped me understand that i have to use trait and impl on all the data type i want to pass it to sql module.

One last question before i mark this a close.
if define a struct in and pass it to sql module, then i get error saying struct is not in the scope.
i know how to call exported modules in main, but how can i use the struct use a struct in which is defined in

reason i separated is , my module takes two parameters, one is sql query as string and struct. because query and struct may vary.

does this design make sense.

thank you.

you are right, my module takes query as a string, and struct.
execute query
create a vector of structs
return vector.

i don't need any function to be executed on the struct.

I don't think you can. You would usually do the opposite, i.e. use in main what you defined in another module.

If you really do need your type in another module, create a third module that you import from main as well.

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Your struct seems logically relevant to the functions in module, I think you should define it there. You can easly import it in the and use.

I am able to define Struct in and use crate::Struct in


I might be wrong – still wouldn't recommend it.

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it's possible and worked for me, i'm not sure if it's right.

i agree with you but my let me explain the problem. sql_client module takes query string, so im using 10 different queries, have to add new struct to sql_client module each time i write new query in

so i'm trying to find right approch.

I don't really understand. You are saying that functions in sql_client takes a String as parameter and you have to create a new struct for every query. Why? Can you share the code?

Then you should put structs and queies in the same module.

here is the code. run in needs sql query and a struct to store the result.

struct Data{
    name: String,
    age: String,
    sex: String,

pub fn run(stm: String, Data: Data) -> Result<(), mysql::Error> {
    let url = "mysql://user:pass@host:3306/db";

    let pool = mysql::Pool::new(url)?;

    let mut conn = pool.get_conn()?;

    let selected_payments = conn.query_map(
        |(name, age, sex)| Data {

i tried to retain the format, but somehow it's messed up. sorry about that.

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Hmm, I don't know how to deal with this kind of API. You may want to look at the crate documentation for examples.

np thank you very much for your time. @eko

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