Fully qualified syntax for associated type of associated type

I have a trait that has an assocated type Ctx

trait BarTrait {
    type Ctx: PartialEq + Debug

and another trait that has an associated type Bar. Now I want to refer to FooTrait's associated type's associated type in a defined method (so BarTrait's Ctx type)

trait FooTrait {
    type Bar: BarTrait;

   fn load(ctx: Self::Bar::Ctx) -> Self;

When I compile this I get an error telling me to

help: use fully-qualified syntax: `<<Self as traits::FooTrait>::Bar as Trait>::Ctx`

However, when I do so, it then complains that Trait is an undeclared type or module..
So How do I go about doing this?

You can use <Self::Bar as BarTrait>::Ctx.

yep that did it.

Should have tried that instead of focusing on what the compiler was telling me.

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