Full TIFF parser (paid gig)

Is anyone interested in shepherding and/or directly finishing a full TIFF parser in Rust that would pass libtiff test suites? There are a few partial implementations already.

I think I could help fund this, but not personally do much work on it right now.


I have just discovered this thread. Is this still open?

There are a couple of open points: Which of these features do you require:

  • BigTiff support
  • LZW compression
  • JPEG compression

Any news on this project?

@manuels1 @yageek Yes, this is still open!

I would need to support nearly any TIFF file that can be produced by Adobe Creative Suite. I believe that includes LZW and JPEG but excludes BigTiff.

Email lilith@imazen.io if you’re interested; I missed your posts but would love to start on this as soon as convenient.