Fs::metadata panics on broken link/inode

Cannot use fs::metadata on broken link/inode, yet I need to include that entry in my listings of a file, as well as I need to get the information on that particular path, despite the fact that it is broken.
What other crate could I use to help me with that issue?

Do you mean a symlink? Try fs::symlink_metadata.

Hi and thank you for your help. Yes, it does solve the issue.
I'm curious why such split in API. Kind of unexpected that in order to get metadata of a path we need to use different function depending on the path "internal" type.

It's just mirroring Unix convention, and isn't a novel API choice on Rust's part.

Normally, if you try to open a symlink that points at the file, you want to open the file it points at. If you try to read a symlink as a directory, you want to readdir the directory it points at. If you want to know if a path that happens to be a symlink is readable, you want to know if the thing it points at is readable. Et cetera.

Broken symlinks or needing to know you're dealing with a symlink more generally is the exception rather than the norm. If the default (following symlinks) was reversed, you'd need a different function to open a symlinked file, read a symlinked directory, and so on.

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