Frontend Framework with simple Web Component integration

Ok, so by now the Frontend ecosystem for rust and wasm got up to some speed, so I'm looking to use it in some of my hobby projects, as well as some internal tools I use at my workplace where the backend is already using rust.

The frameworks I'm aware of currently are

  • Yew
  • Seed
  • Dominator
  • Perseus/Sycamore
  • Sauron (discontinued?)

Now, for my hobby projects I would be using Ionic UI components, and for the work tooling I would also mostly be using internal libraries exposing standard web components.

But to my knowledge, none of the frameworks really offer an easy way to integrate third party web components without writing lengthy wrappers without much documentation or examples about how to do so.

So essentially, is there currently a rust based Frontend framework that has either plug-and-play support for web components (maybe something like lit-html for rust?) or at least good documentation how to integrate your own?

While I appreciate having the type-safety of declarative html through typed macros and functions, sometimes I just want to write plain html and be done with it, as otherwise I'd probably spend more time writing bindings for our internal web components than I would ever spend time using them.

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