Frink - The Ultimate Currency. Written in Rust, programming help wanted!

Frink is creating a new cryptocurrency, that we believe is the best one out there. I'd love to find some new programmers. We are just getting ready to ICO but have a lot of work ahead of us.

We're using Iron and Rust as our webserver for the website and still need to create the blockchain, also written in Rust. In fact we are utilizing Rust as much as possible to increase security and decrease programmer mistakes while maintaining incredible performance. In fact.. we could currently host more than Facebook level traffic on our website :slight_smile:

This video provides a quick 2 minute overview of what we are doing:

Please see our website for more info:
Or check out our whitepaper:
Frink Whitepaper OLD - Google Docs

Anyone want to help us out? Maybe focus on building the blockchain for us? I'll walk you through it and we can give some equity.

Please don't share with others just yet.. we're still fixing a few last bugs including needing to switch the database over to a different one.


Github repos link on the site gives a 404

Sorry about that, we changed the name from Fractal to Frink, here is the repo:

And just a note, most of our code is still in a private repo on Bitbucket. If you are interested, let's talk, I'll send you and NDA, then you are welcome to poke around Bitbucket repos.

Please note, there are a couple other bugs on the website that we are still fixing and aware of.

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Still looking for contributors?

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Yes, I am! Will PM you shortly to chat.