FreeBSD 12 rls-preview

Hi Guys,
I have a Debian Buster and a FreeBSD 12.0 computer at home. On Linux I use Gnome Builder along with rustup components such as rls-preview installed. This allows me to utilzie code hints and code completion from within Builder.

On the FreeBSD computer, however it seems that rls-preview is not available. When I run "rustup component add rls-preview" the error message directs me to which shows a nice table of components that are available for the freebsd tool chain.

I am wondering if it is possible to install or manually compile the rls-preview component some other way? I am not sure why it is not supported (I think is a tier level think) but if anyone has managed to get rls-preview or code completion installed/working in FreeBSD, I'd be grateful of any tips.


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