Free Websocket server for experimental development

I would like to experiment a little bit with websocket in rust+wasm on the browser side.
I will need a server that supports websockets. But I dont have any.
I don't want to develop anything on the server. I just need simpe broadcasting: a few clients connected on the same channel. Everything they send is broadcasted to everybody else.
Can anybody help me?
Maybe there is a "public" server for experimentation?
Or maybe a developer can offer me this functionality on his webpage?
Thank you.

The actix-web crate has a simple websocket chat server example that is very close to exactly this.

I would like a websocket server somewhere on the internet. Something like webhosting.
Just to try stuff - just a little bit.
So I would like it to be free as in beer.

Free as in beer for such a server is unlikely, but for around 3 bucks a month you could get your own (not an endorsement of that specific company, just an example): Starter VPS: A low-cost, powerful VPS | OVHcloud

Otherwise you could run it on your own machine and configure your router such that it is accessible from the internet.

Thank you.
That is a reasonable price for some experimenting.

In the begining i will use my laptop as a server and two smartphones as clients. It will work inside the wifi network.

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