Frame - a state machine language written in Rust


I have recently open sourced a markdown language called Frame for specifying/coding state machines and I have and have written a Frame transpiler in Rust. You can see an online version of the Framepiler here and play around with it. It currently generates 6 languages + UML documentation. Links from the page take you to other resources and information.

Despite being written in Rust, I am only now getting around to trying to generate Rust as a target language and would appreciate some opinions about how the code should be structured. I've got a rough cut at an implementation that matches the existing Frame pattern for review at the playground.

I'm actively seeking 1) input on the state machine pattern Frame should generate for Rust and 2) Rustaceans interested in helping with the project.

It is fairly straightforward to add new languages so those with an interest in the idea of Rust state machines as well as in other languages might like to help add/improve the existing code gen capabilities.

Those with compiler experience would be most helpful in guiding the evolution of the language - I have lots of ideas and love to hear what you think. (I don't write compilers for a living - it would have been helpful if I did!)

Happy to answer any and all questions and comments.




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