Forum not working on Safari

For some days now this forum has not been loading in Safari on my Mac Book Pro M1. All I get is the "Loading" spinner.

Works in Chrome and Firefox on the same machine.

I see no errors in the Safari dev tools.

I believe there was a forum update a few days ago, perhaps that broke something on Safari.

A quick sniff around the net (google search) did not turn up any mention of this. Is it just me?

Can you check the network tab and see it something particular is not being fetched?
Or is it a pure rendering issue?

Thanks for the suggestion. I could not see any download failures or JS errors anywhere.

But it's working now. I just cleared the cache and reloaded. Boom! Here we are!

This sort of failure can sometimes be caused by an intermediate DNS server failing: You only actually see a problem if all of the caches closer to you have expired. Repeating the request might pick a different chain of DNS servers, which will allow your local cache to populate and work correctly for some time.

As this whole process happens before any IP connection is actually initiated to the desired server, it’s relatively common for timeouts and other safeguards to have not started, resulting in an infinite wait for a reply that isn’t coming.

Yeah. All of this disturbs me greatly.

Being old fashioned when I visit I expect every byte I receive to come from After all, it is supposed to be a secure connection. How can that allow for getting whatever junk from intermediaries? How can it be that I don't really know who I'm connected to?

Anyway, Chrome and Firefox displayed the forum for a couple of days on the same Mac M1 when Safari did not. How is that?

This forum is using a hosted Discourse instance, perhaps try raising this on the Meta Discourse.

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The hosting service uses a central CloudFront CDN to share the identical JavaScript files across many different forums.

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