Format on save in Fleet + WSL?

I'm trying to use rust inside jetbrains fleet. They have WSL integration and I have rust setup in WSL. I can't get format on save to work. They suggested to put in a rustfmt.toml in the project folder, I put in an empty one. I also enabled format on save in Fleet's settings.

Still nothing.

Important thing to note is that vscode works fine and even in fleet the manual format command (alt + shift + f) does indeed work.

I don't know about Fleet, but I think the manual format command uses rust-analyzer (I could be wrong though), maybe they implement the "format on save" differently, e.g. by invoking rustfmt? do you have rustfmt installed in the wsl environment?

anyway, I suggest you check jetbrain's support forum, they know their product better than an average rust user.

Yeah I thought so too. But their support (on twitter) implied Alt + Shift + S and the format on save setting does the same thing.

I suppose I should go open a ticket on their issue tracker.

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