For those who use rust at work - what are you using it for?


I’m just curious. Can you share the usecase and if its in production, on its way there or just being evaluated?


On my side, we are about to use it to parse huge files and feed a mysql database (xmls, protobufs etc …).

It is much more efficient than our previous c# based implementation.


These days I use it to create a proof of concept of a Web application. Previously I wrote a bitstream parser to manipulate information in video files.

In my team I have advocated the use of Rust rather than C for obvious reasons (higher-level with comparable speed and much more safety) and even more so as some of my colleagues aren’t really C experts. They haven’t had the courage to learn a new language yet, and other people are too busy working on the existing C++/Java codebase, so at the moment I’m the only one in the company using Rust.


The company I am working with has just started using Rust to build a small internal service that is mostly going to be doing a lot of data processing. It’s got the responsibility of handling file uploads over HTTP, pulling data from a Postgres database, transforming the data from both sources, and also making REST API calls to other services.

We are kind of using this as an opportunity to give Rust a test-drive. I’m the only person on the team with much prior exposure to it, however we’re all excited to learn it and hoping that it’ll prove to be in a good enough place to eventually use elsewhere as well.


I experimented with replacing a central network service that is currently written in Python, and under pretty heavy load. Results were promising.


I’m using it at my company for building command line tooling for managing our cloud infrastructure. Some of our programs are open source, such as kaws and ktmpl.


In Fractal we are using it to create infrastructure that must be secure and fast, unlikely to crash. It’s been really useful until now :slight_smile:


I’ve written some small tools / programs in Rust and will try to convert old Fortran and Python code to Rust were it makes sense.

One program is a small web based registraqtion system (using iron) for a confecenre we had (currently no source code available for public) another one is a small server that receives data from a weather station and just writes it to disk (processing will be added soon).

And I’ve started a small web GUI for SLURM (that runs on our cluster) but I need to add more functionality and make it nicer :wink:

Ideally I’ll be working on more numerical stuff in the future and I hope that I can also release it as open source.