Fltk-rs 1.0.0 released

fltk-rs is a Rust wrapper to the GUI library FLTK.

Some of the bigger changes in this release:

  • Callback methods (set_callback, handle, draw, draw_cell) have been merged with their overloads.
  • No implicit imports to avoid polluting the global namespace.

There is a migration guide to 1.0.0 here.

The rest of the changes can be seen in the changelog.

This release means the current api is stable and fixed. It's pinned to the current version of FLTK 1.4, and has a minimum Rust version of 1.39.
There's a release bundle for users of the "fltk-bundled" feature-flag. There will also be bundles for minor version bumps.


Congratulations and thank you MoAlyousef!

I have used the fltk crate on a few occasions and found it to be a very pleasant and straightforward experience.


Thank you!

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