Flo_stream 0.6.0 and flo_binding 2.0.0 released (pubsub streams and reactive data bindings)

I've released a new version of a couple of my crates. flo_stream is a crate that provides a 'pubsub' API for streams, and flo_binding is a reactive data binding library that turns streams into states and states into streams.

The new feature added to flo_stream is generator streams: these are streams that are created from a future that yields values. They're quite similar to using a mpsc channel with a future sending values, except that as the future is internal to the stream, there's only one thing to manage.

flo_binding has a new rope binding, for managing collections. Ropes are conventionally used for storing data in text editors: this binding structure makes it easy to stream changes to such data around an application. This version of the structure is not limited to storing character data and also supports attaching attributes so it can be used to represent 'rich' text formats if necessary.

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