First steps with rust playground: Got greeted with error :(

After clicking "Try rust without installing" pressing Run button gives following error.

Sharing code and error from playground itself.

Please advise,

extern crate iced;
use iced::{
    canvas::{self, Cache, Canvas, Cursor, Geometry, LineCap, Path, Stroke},
    executor, time, Application, Color, Command, Container, Element, Length,
    Point, Rectangle, Settings, Subscription, Vector,

pub fn main() -> iced::Result {
    Clock::run(Settings {
        antialiasing: true,

struct Clock {
    now: chrono::DateTime<chrono::Local>,
    clock: Cache,

#[derive(Debug, Clone, Copy)]
enum Message {

impl Application for Clock {
    type Executor = executor::Default;
    type Message = Message;
    type Flags = ();

    fn new(_flags: ()) -> (Self, Command<Message>) {
            Clock {
                now: chrono::Local::now(),
                clock: Default::default(),

    fn title(&self) -> String {
        String::from("Clock - Iced")

    fn update(&mut self, message: Message) -> Command<Message> {
        match message {
            Message::Tick(local_time) => {
                let now = local_time;

                if now != {
           = now;


    fn subscription(&self) -> Subscription<Message> {
            .map(|_| Message::Tick(chrono::Local::now()))

    fn view(&mut self) -> Element<Message> {
        let canvas = Canvas::new(self)


impl canvas::Program<Message> for Clock {
    fn draw(&self, bounds: Rectangle, _cursor: Cursor) -> Vec<Geometry> {
        use chrono::Timelike;

        let clock = self.clock.draw(bounds.size(), |frame| {
            let center =;
            let radius = frame.width().min(frame.height()) / 2.0;

            let background = Path::circle(center, radius);
            frame.fill(&background, Color::from_rgb8(0x12, 0x93, 0xD8));

            let short_hand =
                Path::line(Point::ORIGIN, Point::new(0.0, -0.5 * radius));

            let long_hand =
                Path::line(Point::ORIGIN, Point::new(0.0, -0.8 * radius));

            let thin_stroke = Stroke {
                width: radius / 100.0,
                color: Color::WHITE,
                line_cap: LineCap::Round,

            let wide_stroke = Stroke {
                width: thin_stroke.width * 3.0,

            frame.translate(Vector::new(center.x, center.y));

            frame.with_save(|frame| {
                frame.rotate(hand_rotation(, 12));
                frame.stroke(&short_hand, wide_stroke);

            frame.with_save(|frame| {
                frame.rotate(hand_rotation(, 60));
                frame.stroke(&long_hand, wide_stroke);

            frame.with_save(|frame| {
                frame.rotate(hand_rotation(, 60));
                frame.stroke(&long_hand, thin_stroke);


fn hand_rotation(n: u32, total: u32) -> f32 {
    let turns = n as f32 / total as f32;

    2.0 * std::f32::consts::PI * turns



   Compiling playground v0.0.1 (/playground)
error[E0463]: can't find crate for `iced`
 --> src/
1 | extern crate iced;
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ can't find crate

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0463`.
error: could not compile `playground` due to previous error

The Playground doesn't include all possible crates, only the most popular ones on

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Just tried same steps in incognito browser.
It seems the code was restored from a very old session.
Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you for asking a good question!

iced is graphical gui library and I believe the playground only has text output at this time. There is a list of crates the playground supports if you look at the
Cargo.toml file for the playground. These manifest files are read by "cargo" to figure out how to call the compiler and link your program. The crates are listed in "dependencies" that in this case look like.

package = "clap"
version = "=4.0.32"
features = ["cargo", "color", "derive", "env", "error-context", "help", "std", "string", "suggestions", "unicode", "unstable-doc", "unstable-grouped", "unstable-replace", "usage", "wrap_help"]

The above example shows the "clap" crate. There is also a very nice help page that I missed for a while because I did not see that little question mark button at top left of the page.

Keep hacking.

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